Basic Self-Maintenance for Academic Success – Part 1

This is the first in a two-part series by Ada Palmer (@Ada_Palmer), who has generously made a ‘Healthy Work Habits’ handout which you can download here.

Think Long-Term

Remember that the real goal of this Ph.D. program is to train yourself to be a great historian, which includes training yourself to balance the burdens of academic life. Learning to use your time well and take care of yourself so you are happy and productive is just as important as learning your field. If you become a professor, the workload will only increase as you are required to teach more classes, produce more research, attend more conferences, advise more students, do more paperwork, and face more deadlines, and many other career paths have similar heavy burdens, with stricter deadlines and fewer second chances. If your current workload seems like “too much” don’t assume nothing can be done. You can learn to accomplish more in less time, if you remember to (A) plan your time carefully, and (B) pay yourself first.

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