REF 2021: Update for ECRs

by Charlotte Mathieson, Lecturer in English Literature, University of Surrey

(This post first appeared on Charlotte Mathieson’s blog on November 21, 2017.)

This post provides an update to my previous blog post on “REF 2021 and ECRs: the current situation” in which I outlined the key decisions and remaining areas of uncertainty (mostly the latter) surrounding the next Research Excellence Framework.

Today, quite a few of those uncertainties have been clarified by the publication of “Decisions on Staff and Outputs“. I will soon update my earlier post to reflect this latest document (and offer a few more interpretations of the ECR implications), but in the meantime here is a brief summary of the key points of relevance for ECRs that have been announced today:

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What is #ECASurvival?

by Derek Dunne, Lecturer in English Literature, Cardiff University

If you had told me on the day of my viva in 2012 that it would be over 5 years before I had a permanent job, I might have just walked out the door and not looked back. Lucky for me that wasn’t the case, but plenty of us struggle post-PhD with how to get from ‘Dr.’ to ‘Dr.’ who can afford to pay rent, or ‘Dr.’ who knows where they’ll be living in 6 months’ time.

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