Welcome ECAs

The period between finishing a PhD and taking up permanent academic employment has become increasingly uncertain, stressful and prolonged. This initiative seeks to provide practical support for Humanities early career academics (ECAs), by making available resources and workshops tailored to their specific needs. These take the form of:

  1. A podcast series where Humanities academics share their stories of career progression, failures as well as triumphs, and offer practical advice to ECAs.
  2. A summit on ‘Strategies for Survival in a Changing Academic Landscape’ for Humanities ECAs, with two days of panels, workshops and networking events. These will be recorded and live-streamed for reasons of accessibility and visibility, and will act as a launch for the podcast series.

Both initiatives seek to foster community and solidarity, while advancing the needs of Humanities early career academics to policy-makers.

As this project grows, more content will be added under the ECA Summit, Podcast, Blog & Resources tabs above. If you would like to contribute to the blog or have other suggestions, please get in touch at ECASurvival@gmail.com.

This initiative was set up by Dr. Derek Dunne (Cardiff University), with podcast collaborator Dr. Toria Johnson (University of Birmingham)

Kindly supported by the British Academy as part of their Rising Star Engagement Award

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